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Mnementh said:

As I will probably be less online over the next few days, I go ahead and drop the hints for the final games:

#5: The old man is dancing for the tree. Guessed by drbunnig.

#4: High five!

#3: The gods of Aios. Guessed by coolbeans.

#2: Magandang tanghali po!

#1: Our landing has confirmed both our rumors and fears. With the death of my father, Erathia's lands are being greedily divided by her neighbors. Guessed by coolbeans.

4.  Dragon Quest Builders 2?

UnderwaterFunktown said:

Happy holidays people, setting up hints for everything up to the top 5 now, then the rest after Christmas. Not adding a fifth hint to 12, but let me just say it's a game you all know.

12) Ended on a heart-felt note

Hint 2: I'm not referring to the ending of the game's story

Hint 3: The word heart is the key.

Hint 4: It's not Kingdom Hearts, but...

10) From Amaterasu to Sif to Zamazenta, blade wielding dogs seems to repeat.

Hint 2: This game was exclusive to an Xbox console at first.

Hint 3: It's a JRPG

9) When you wish upon a star...

Hint 2: You might just wish for more shooting stars

Hint 3: And then drop whatever you were doing to rush towards the place where the star landed

8) This remake greatly expanded upon the final chapters of the original

Hint 2: You definitely know the original, but the remake is semi-obscure

7) To me this is the most disturbing horror game I've played

Hint 2: And yet the extra content added in the expanded version was very heartfelt

6) After venturing further and further underground over the course of the game, you fight the final boss up in the sky

12. Shadow Hearts?
9.  Super Mario Galaxy?
8.  Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition?
7.  Resident Evil?
6.  Dragon Quest XI?

Darashiva said:

Alright, getting into the last set of hints. Let's see if I can make these a bit more difficult as well.


  • In Europa, a small kingdom rich in natural resources is invaded by an empire to the east.


  • An age is slowly coming to a close once again.


  • 32 years after The Great War, the destroyers return.


  • The Moon That Never Sets.


  • Is it really a kidnapping if they want to be kidnapped?

1.  Final Fantasy 9?

Kakadu18 said:
Kakadu18 said:

#7: Hint: You thought you were talking to him the whole game? Then you must have not paid enough attention to the small details.

#6: Hint: At one point in the game the scope of the entire story sudddenly explodes in size.

#7: Hint 2: You're called the most powerful of your kind, but you are also the only one of your kind.

#6: Hint 2: A summit of extreme hight is where you realize that the adventure has only truely begun now.

#5: Hint: The most underrated summer vacation.

7.  Dragon Quest XI?
6.  Breath of the Wild?

S.Peelman said:

Well, well the days have now also reached the Top 10. From now on my games's banner will have a nice purple detail to signify their achievement. How nice of me right? Also, games have been guessed up to #7 right now, so here's just a hint for #6.

#6: The first game of a series where all digits always add up to '9'.

Also, here's the scoreboard. It's extremely tight. The_Liquid_Laser and Darashiva both guessed six games (up until Darashiva's guess for game #8, Mario Kart 64), but The_Liquid_Laser technically takes first place because he got to this number first (though, by only a couple hours). Right behind that is drbunnig with five correct guesses and coolbeans, who had the lead once, with four correct guesses. Five games now went unguessed, not that much. Good luck in the final days!


6.  Anno 1602?  (I must confess that I had to look up a list of Anno games to answer this.)

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