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src said:

Year 2050, the same handful of users still cannot understand Japan likes mobile gaming, something the rest of the world realised 10 years ago.

Nintendo has a handheld. Sony does not. Nintendo can have a handheld because they are not supporting the entire third party industry with their hardware, hence weak hardware is acceptable.

Year 2050, PlayStation fans, while reminescenting the long past presence of PlayStation consoles in Japan, parrot to each other the idea that the cause of the decline was solely due to the form factor so that their hearts can rest at peace.

When someone dared to pointed them out that in 2020 Nintendo's first-party software alone accounted for more than half of the packaged software sales in Japan they responded at unison: "hardware! hardware! hardware!".

Form factor is important but so is software and Nintendo is smoking everybody else in Japan which is the real reason that the pattern we are seeing in Japan isn't replicated in US, even though Switch is wildly successful there too.

Total packaged software sell-through in Japan as end of 2020 (Media Create):


Total software: 23.68M

First-Party: 2.73M

Third-Party: 20.95M


Total software: 53.59M

First-Party: 8.35M

Third-Party: 45.24M


Total software: 119.12M

First-Party: 51.11M

Third-Party: 68.01M


Total software: 62.20M

First-Party: 43.50M

Third-Party: 18.70M

Last edited by Endymion - on 20 December 2021