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Congrats on the upgrade. Sounds like a good deal. I upgraded my old PC that I gave to a friend, when I bought my new one last year, from an i5 4690k to a Broadwell i7 5775c overclocked to 4.1 Ghz. In gaming due to the eDram L4 cache reducing memory bottlenecks of DDR3, it slightly outperforms the i7 4790k @4.7 GHZ. They go for $120-$150 on eBay though, which makes them cost ineffective. I was lucky to find one for $90. 

Make sure you are looking at your DDR3 timings/clock-rate. That is often what causes the CPU bottleneck with these Haswell/Broadwell chips. With a decent motherboard for overclocking and good ram that can run at higher voltages you might be able to get up to 2100 Mhz or even 2400 Mhz with 10 timings. 

Last edited by sc94597 - on 20 December 2021