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Chris Hu said:

It might be your controller but the handling in FH5 is definitely better than it is in FH4.  Plus, FH5 has more upgrade and tuning options which can make your cars handle better there are racing slick tires, two different tires for off road racings more differentials and a whole bunch more transmissions.

Yeah my bad, comparing with a crappy controller.

Still it felt like FH5 was much more forgiving when going next to the road. In FH4 it feels easier to lose control of the car on the grass, or when you upset the car too much by shifting the weight back and forth. (Which is what can end up happening with my controller). The result is, it keeps me more on my toes, paying closer attention to how the weight of the car is shifting, while making sure to stay off the grass not to go into a slide. FH5 felt easier, thus a bit more dull to drive.

Especially S class feels more dangerous in FH4, while in FH5 braking and cornering feels too easy, glued to the road. It's definitely different. It could be the tires, I've just been racing with default setups while using the auto upgrade feature. I only tried a couple tunes from other people, not a fan of tuning cars.

Anyway out of the box, FH4 feels more fun to drive for me. Which keeps me going there instead of continuing with FH5. (No traffic in the open world bug also made FH5 kinda dull) Perhaps I'll install FH5 again after getting bored of FH4. I assume the no traffic bug will be fixed at some point. They're both fun games.