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After Finishing Halo Infinite (was great) I'm now back to FH4. It's spring season and the handling is still superior to FH5 imo. Maybe it's the car (mainly driving the Corvette in FH4) but it feels more active, less forgiving and therefore more rewarding to stay on the road. The AI is also a bit more believable. (Can't keep a steady shallow curve in FH4 either though with the analog stick)

Only odd thing about FH4 is, you can't turn the music off completely. There's still music between races, got to put my own music up louder lol.

I don't know what's up with PSN lately. I lost nearly 5K DR today trying to race, getting disconnected race after race. Then tried lobby racing with friends, got stuck in place, then later got booted and only kept getting errors trying to connect to the lobby server. Messaging didn't work, party just endless churning psn logo. The holidays are coming and the psn hamsters are tired :(

FH4 also disconnected once but restored quickly, now I have tons of drivatars and NPC traffic on the roads. It's like the first Burnout, dodging heavy traffic. This is fun. The game can't keep up with the near miss notifications :)