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src said:
abronn627 said:

I know we use the low stock argument a lot, but at some point, you need ask the question: what is Sony’s strategy at this point ?

I don't think you understand what the words low stock means? Sony is selling everything they can produce atm. Its not going to improve till next FY where they expect to sell 23M.

Kakadu18 said:

From installbase I got some interesting info on an interview with Kondo from Falcom. They recently decided to start bringing their games to the Switch themselves and here's a quote:

Q 製品部門の売上が落ちていてã€Âãƒ—レステが振るわないためにã€Âã‚¹ã‚¤ãƒƒãƒÂã¸ã®ç§»æ¤Âã‚’始めるとのことだがã€Âãªãœã‚„や古いã€Å½é‚£ç”±å¤šã®è»Œè·¡ã€Âã‹ã‚‰å§‹ã‚るのか。なぜ看板タイトルのイースや軌跡シリーズではないのか。どのくらいの販売を見込んでいるのか.

Q: You said that you will start porting to the Switch because the sales of the product division are declining and Sony PlayStation is not performing well. Why are you starting with the slightly old "The Legend of Nayuta"? Why not a billboard title of the Ys or Trails series? How many sales do you expect?

近藤:最åˆÂã«ã€Å½é‚£ç”±å¤šã®è»Œè·¡ã€Âã‚’選んだのはライセンス部門との兼ね合い。最新作はライセンスで契約してしまっていてã€Âãã®å¾Œã«ã‚¹ã‚¤ãƒƒãƒÂå‚入を本格的に決めて動いたから。まず動かせるのがã€Å½é‚£ç”±å¤šã®è»Œè·¡ã€Âã ã£ãŸ

Kondo: The first choice was "The Legend of Nayuta" as a balance with the licensing department. The latest work has a license contract. After that, we decided to move into full-scale entries on the Switch. The first thing that could be moved was "The Legend of Nayuta."


Kondo: We don't intend to end Switch porting with "The Legend of Nayuta," and we're starting to prepare for subsequent titles. Regarding the target number of units sold, there are business challenges reporting specific numbers, so I would like to refrain from doing so here.

But this is the most interesting part:


Kondo: "I think the cause [of poor sales for Kuro] is, of course there is quality here, is the dull PlayStation market..."

Ahh yes, what a coincidence that the rest of the sentence was omitted

" the decrease in the number of print media in the process of publicizing the product, and inadequate PR activities may have been the causes. "

lmao so transparent

What is really clear here: Sony hardware sales is losing to Nintendo in every market right now.