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Captain_Yuri said:

My sister's birthday is coming up and she wanted Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Mangas as a gift. There's 9 Volumes and boy, some of there were a pain to get.

3/9 were out of stock on amazon so I was like, k, lets see if they are in Chapters who are the big book store around here. With them, 6/9 were in stock for delivery (same ones as amazon), 2/9 were in stock for pick up and 1/9 was out of stock. The problem with the pick up one was they were only available at a location that was 40 minute drive away.

So I decided to wait 2 weeks but as the stock situation wasn't getting better and I wanted a bit of a buffer zone, I needed to commit. So I ordered the 6/9 from chapters for delivery. I searched around some more in both local and online book stores but the only one that has the missing volumes in stock are about 2 hour drive away which I was like fuck dat. Now they also do delivery but they charge $12 delivery per book even if you buy 3 of them. So Instead of paying $36 for 3 books, I'd be paying $72 which is insane. But the alternatives wasn't exactly much better as scalpers also have their hands on these books as well...

So I ordered 2/3 from chapters as pick ups and paid the extra delivery fee for the last one.

Who knew getting mangas would be such a pain...

Your sister should praise your efforts and proclaim to the rest of the family on Christmas day that your her favourite family member if not give her a christmas  card with your post printed on it. love Santa Whores

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