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hinch said:

Rockstar - Working on GTA VI. These guys always push the consoles to the limit. Huge man power. In terms of tech and visuals always always near or at the top.
NaughtyDog - Supposedly working on TLOU Remake (rumor) and a new IP. These guys have released some of the best looking games in each respective generation. Some of the best animation and mo-cap I've seen in in-game models and cut-scenes.
Santa Monica Studios - GoW Ragnarok (Crossgen), working on on new IP, no announcement yet - so most likely due in a few years next gen only. Similar to ND.
Ninja Theory - Hellblade looked fantastic, as is arguably on the best looking games on last generation consoles. HB2 looks crazy good thus far.
CD Project Red - We already had a taste of 'next gen' on PC with Cyberpunk 2077. Visuals and tech the past 2 generations have been up there with the best - though Cyberpunk was quite poor in terms of polish upon release.
Playground Games - Worked on Forza Motarsport series - some of the best looking visuals in racing games. Working on Fable.
The Coalition - Worked on Gears 5. Worked with Epic to get their demo optimised for Series consoles. Gears 6?

I'd put Quantic Dream down though their next game (Star Wars Eclipse) is a cross gen/cross platform game so.. maybe not.

Thats a solid list