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SvennoJ said:
ZyroXZ2 said:

I'm not arguing the size of the game, just that "bloat" isn't really "bloat" just because you don't like, want, or use whatever it may be lol... By that token, all the sides quests in games are "bloat" for anyone that doesn't do those.  I see "bloat" as things that literally do not factor into or serve the game whatsoever which is almost non-existent in gaming, but VERY existent in PCs you buy pre-built from large companies (which is why I build my own!).  Bloat, meaning stupid software that does more to slow down my PC for the sake of some company to get my information and feed me ads or sell me things lmao...

I guess my definition of "bloat" is closer to adware or spyware stuff, but yea, I don't really think a bunch of outfits really had that much impact on the game size lol

That's the definition of bloatware lol. And yep, all the repetitive side quests are bloat just to make the game longer. All the clothing options do slow down loading, use more memory and more disk space. Bloat.

Anyway it's not that much in actual size (360MB) but it is tons of small files, the bane of HDD usage. I guess the skies aren't dynamic as there is a 10.5 GB directory with HDR skies. 14.3 GB in cars, 2.8 GB in cinematics, the map is by far the largest at 53GB, the important stuff :)

It's a fun driving game now it doesn't take minutes to load after every race. A class handles the best imo, S class feels very off, too twitchy / arcady and the AI doesn't know what to do with the fastest cars. The AI isn't really racing anyway, just moving cars along a path. They are very much on rails, but I'm used to racing real humans so any AI is going to feel poor. They could pay a bit more attention to where you are though, but oh well. Dirt roads feel very satisfying to slide around, I actually like them more than the paved roads in FH5.

Traffic is a mystery. I completed all the road racing events, now on to street racing and in those races there is NPC traffic to avoid. But only in the races. Back on the open map there is no one, nothing. I very rarely see another player which is usually a stopped ghosted car (I guess in the menus). I only saw a driving human twice last night. Very pretty open world yet completely empty (bar the odd animal and spectators here and there). It must be a bug as other people do get traffic on the map, very weird.

Stuff unlocks fast and you indeed don't need to do the story missions, just the expeditions to unlock the next type of races. I wonder where the speed cameras are though? I only have one speed camera, one speed trap, one danger sign etc on the map. The speed traps are fun challenges. In FH4 more would pop up after you did them, yet I still only have the one speed trap from the start.

Btw do you get to fly a plane? It's listed as Racing & flying in the store!
(Oh I guess that's the category MS puts it under, only one flying game, had to go somewhere lol)

The speed cameras, traps, all that stuff is a different category in Horizon.  Basically, you "beat" the game when you've unlocked all the Horizon events, complete all the major "big" races, and unlock the endgame "big" races and beat those, too.  There is a fun NON-COURSE "big" event race where you just try to get to the other gate as fast as possible, and hilarity ensues in trying to cross the map as fast as possible without any course to follow lol

kirby007 said:

I love how each post i read in your voice now Zyro :)

Sadly, I almost feel as if I've erased my own identity and replaced it at this point, because I do occasionally slip in "real life" and say words like a cowboy for literally no reason in a conversation lmfao

SvennoJ said:

I 'finished' the game, or rather don't feel like playing any more of it. 17+ hours driving time was my limit with FH5, 3 hour less than FH4.

I made it to level 79 (whatever that means), completed all road, street and dirt races, half of the cross country (grew bored of that rather quickly). The long races were nice, yet nothing really stood out as bad or excellent. No favorites, nothing to dislike either.

The good points:
- Amazing graphics, crash into a tree and you'll sit there staring at the sunlight bouncing off the highly detailed tree bark.
- Great weather effects (which were sadly very much underused during my play time)
- Great map with nicely varied locations, a joy to explore.
- Great sound, as @ZyroXZ2 said, turn off the radio to fully enjoy the car audio soundscape.
- Sense of speed is fully there, when you go fast, it feels like you're going fast.

The bad points:
- Handling is a bit over easy as well as twitchy. With twitchy I mean, I could not get it to gently steer around a high speed corner. I tried different settings for sensitivity but a small movement of the analog stick already has a big reaction. Thus I ended up 'tap' 'tap' 'tapping' along high speed bends, instead of a steady steering input.
- AI or lack of I in AI. They break the laws of physics, stick to their path, don't really interact with you, it's the worst yet in the series.
- Still no rear view mirror in bumper cam (and others). You need one for racing, ridiculous it's still not there.
- No traffic on the PC. The odd thing is when I lost my internet connection, traffic suddenly appeared everywhere, including cars to race. Then as my internet came back, the map was empty again.
- Stability issues, even though it runs much better from SSD, I still get occasional 1 second long freezes. Not often, maybe related to server communication as the game also froze for a bit when I lost my connection.

As a racing game I would give it a 6, there's very little draw to keep going based on the racing.
As an open world driving game an 8 in its current state, 9 if the traffic and connectivity issues are fixed.
So for now, overall a 7 (I would score FH1 8, FH2 9, skipped FH3, FH4 8 FH5 7) FH2 is still my favorite in the series.

Playing FH5 made me long for a new PGR for street racing. A new DriveClub for racing hyper cars over rural roads. A new Burnout for arcade madness with actual damage. A new Motorstorm for off-road mayhem. A new Rallisport Challenge for arcade dirt road racing on long tracks. FH5 gives you a bit of all that, but doesn't really excel at anything. FH5 is like an all you can eat buffet. There's nothing particularly excellent, but you won't leave hungry.

Before I uninstall and move on, I'm gonna do the The Colossus one more time with some nice beats on and the engine sounds turned up!

Seeing as how I race 90% of the time in cockpit view, there's a rearview and oftentimes sideview mirror to use lol... But you CAN always just flick the right analog stick backwards to actually "look" back.

Also, I find "simulation" steering to always be far better in the settings.  I agree that they've made the handling too arcade, but if you change it to "simulation", it might be easier to handle turns.  I also turn off all handling aids, too, and I NORMALLY play with a steering wheel setup (this is actually my first Horizon PURELY on a controller!... In earlier entries, I'd use the controller to make navigating the open world easier, but then put the controller down and use the steering wheel once actual races starts), but part of the issue is that the analog stick will never properly mimic steering input.  This means the game HAS to actually modulate and account for your inputs because obviously full lock is very easy to achieve on an analog stick, thus any inputs from a stick are being greatly exacerbated if there wasn't any modulation.  I mean, imagine flicking the stick back and forth and realize just how hard it would be to full lock a real life steering wheel like that lol... In summary, anytime simulation physics are used (even if massively sped up in FH games), a controller is going to be relatively terrible.

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