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Chris Hu said:

Well, the only semi valid point you made in this whole statement is that Burnout games have actual damage but comparing Horizon to Burnout is like comparing apples to oranges all the cars in Burnout games are fictional and have zero restrictions on them when it comes to how much they can get damaged.  Pretty much all the cars in Horizon games are based on real cars and the few that are not still are bases on cars from other games and have licenses attached to them which also restricts how much they can get damaged.  At least you admitted that you actually didn't finish FH5 or FH4 and more than likely you also didn't play FH1 and FH2 enough to actually give them valid review scores.

I'm not comparing it to Burnout, I said it makes me miss Burnout. FH5 has that arcady sense of speed.

What do you consider finishing open world driving games? Is spending 15 to 20 hours with a driving game not enough to experience the handling, AI etc? Scores are only valid if you spend 60+ hours on a game?

I went back to FH4 last night, there were still some street and dirt races I had not finished. I quit that as it was stuck in winter season, ironically it's winter season again lol. (for another day, should change soon). The handling does feel better at speed, but could be because the world is iced over right now. The AI is a bit slower but pretty much identical. The visuals are less defined and even on SDR you notice the lack of assets made for HDR.

However FH4 still looks great, has traffic on the road in the open world map, didn't freeze or stutter once maintaining a locked 72 fps. I'll be playing some more of that, finish up the street and dirt races. Level 79 atm in FH4.