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TheWalrusCaesar said:
JackHandy said:

I think the final design of Xbox One was pretty inoffensive to the eye, but my personal favorite is Dreamcast, followed closely by the original Genesis design that had the HD graphics written on it. I don't know why, I just like the way it looks.

I kinda hated the Xbox One's design just based on how boring it was to me. On the contrast I do actually quite like the Original Xbox design cuz even though its bulky I think its rly interesting. Just my general way of viewing system designs though

Well, I didn't say the final design of Xbox One was great. I said it was inoffensive, which it was--boring or not lol. The original Xbox was way too massive to be anything other than a VCR, but that's okay. Something like cosmetics is all personal preference, so it really doesn't matter.