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What's your favorite-looking console design purely on aesthetics and not counting special editions for games and stuff? Not counting pure handhelds cuz I think they'd sorta dominate but my top 5 I think is

1. Playstation 5 - I am as surprised as you are but honestly I just adore how this system looks especially in person. The white and black contrast shines to make something that while jarring when I first saw it, I grew to absolutely adore. The way the lights shine out of the somewhat open design I also love. I will say tho I rly only love this design vertically, looks a little weird horizontally

2. Nintendo Switch - Nintendo rly struck gold with this design. The red and blue joycons especially I rly love and the dock setup looks great

3. Xbox Series X - yes I honestly do think all 3 of the newest systems are the best looking designs we've ever had, they all blew me away. The fridge complaint I always was pretty dumb cuz this thing looks rly awesome. The disc drives and those little holes in the top while the green light is fantastic. Similarly to the PS5 tho I only rly love how this looks when its vertical

4. Sega Genesis - specifically the 2nd model of this one but they all look quite good. Sega managed to avoid the pretty poorly aged designs of the older era of systems by smartly avoiding the ugly beiges most common and using a very sleek black look that still looks pretty damn good.

5. PS4 - yeah it looks like an eraser, that's pretty true but I do still find this to be a pretty nice looking system and the blue light is cool. However the PS4 slim model and ESPECIALLY the pro for whatever reason are hideous to me and absolutely no where near this list

Honorable mentions

Wii - the simplicity of the design rly matches the console I think and fits the whole vibe its going for perfectly

Xbox 360 - Basically just a box but that curve works wonders for making it look super cool. The slim model in particular I rly look.

But what are your thoughts?