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SvennoJ said:
Kristof81 said:

I've noticed that too. It looks like in the online mode reduces the number of NPC cars ... for human driven cars, I guess. 

Maybe I'm not actually offline, still thinks I'm offline but with the online cars turned off? I'm gonna see if I can actually play offline. Dodging cars at high speed is the most fun, need some cars on the road to dodge!

My BF told me you should stick with games from Sony and on play station. He said you never complain about anything on PS or from Sony so it must be just PC and MS games that give you problems all the time.

He said you can never enjoy a game on PC even more so if its from MS such as flight sim, he said even when you love that game you still have to complain about it all the time.

He says he never sees you complaining about your downfalls or pitfalls with Sony games only when it comes to MS and PC and its even if you really like them games why is that?.

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