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twintail said:
EricHiggin said:

Well I figured since MS is offering BC completely free, $99 wouldn't be bad, and it's not like SNY has to put all BC games on there asap. 

The $99 level could be streaming only. In the $149 level you could add native/emulated BC. Again, not necessarily all BC games at launch.

SNY could just add more BC games as time goes on, or cycle through them over time.

Well, its not free. Just not tied to a subscription, but I get where you're coming from.

That said, streaming would be the premium piece here allowing ppl to play where ever and on whatever they wish.

Alby_da_Wolf said:

Not selling portables anymore, Sony could add as a distinctive bonus feature Android and iOS support for any PSP and PSV game, but also a selection of PSOne, PS2, PS3 and PS4 ones that could be ported and made playable with enjoyable gameplay on them. Just copying MS Game Pass model could damage some high budget SP 1st party games revenue, Sony needs ways to make up for it, and supporting MS strongest competitors in the OS market could be a cunning way.

if these games end up being streamed, then you could get everything off your phone.

I don't see the incentive of psp/ vita games on phones as a feature.

Game streaming can become low latency enough early enough on home fibre connections, but on phones? With console quality games? I seriously doubt that.

PSP offers quite a large selection of games that are good candidates for phone/tablet ports, PSV ones could be a bonus addition. We can obvioulsy rule out PS5 ports to mobiles, the latter won't have enough computing power for some more years, but older home consoles are at reach of recent mobiles running true ports of them.
I don't rule out streaming, but I can see current limits to its widespread adoption. Don't think mobile game streaming could already be easy just because movie streaming already is, movies have far lower requirements on latency and buffering can efficiently cover hiccups in the transmission, but gaming must be real time and interactive, you can't downolad more data in advance to mask small transmission problems.

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