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ZyroXZ2 said:

I'm not arguing the size of the game, just that "bloat" isn't really "bloat" just because you don't like, want, or use whatever it may be lol... By that token, all the sides quests in games are "bloat" for anyone that doesn't do those.  I see "bloat" as things that literally do not factor into or serve the game whatsoever which is almost non-existent in gaming, but VERY existent in PCs you buy pre-built from large companies (which is why I build my own!).  Bloat, meaning stupid software that does more to slow down my PC for the sake of some company to get my information and feed me ads or sell me things lmao...

I guess my definition of "bloat" is closer to adware or spyware stuff, but yea, I don't really think a bunch of outfits really had that much impact on the game size lol

That's the definition of bloatware lol. And yep, all the repetitive side quests are bloat just to make the game longer. All the clothing options do slow down loading, use more memory and more disk space. Bloat.

Anyway it's not that much in actual size (360MB) but it is tons of small files, the bane of HDD usage. I guess the skies aren't dynamic as there is a 10.5 GB directory with HDR skies. 14.3 GB in cars, 2.8 GB in cinematics, the map is by far the largest at 53GB, the important stuff :)

It's a fun driving game now it doesn't take minutes to load after every race. A class handles the best imo, S class feels very off, too twitchy / arcady and the AI doesn't know what to do with the fastest cars. The AI isn't really racing anyway, just moving cars along a path. They are very much on rails, but I'm used to racing real humans so any AI is going to feel poor. They could pay a bit more attention to where you are though, but oh well. Dirt roads feel very satisfying to slide around, I actually like them more than the paved roads in FH5.

Traffic is a mystery. I completed all the road racing events, now on to street racing and in those races there is NPC traffic to avoid. But only in the races. Back on the open map there is no one, nothing. I very rarely see another player which is usually a stopped ghosted car (I guess in the menus). I only saw a driving human twice last night. Very pretty open world yet completely empty (bar the odd animal and spectators here and there). It must be a bug as other people do get traffic on the map, very weird.

Stuff unlocks fast and you indeed don't need to do the story missions, just the expeditions to unlock the next type of races. I wonder where the speed cameras are though? I only have one speed camera, one speed trap, one danger sign etc on the map. The speed traps are fun challenges. In FH4 more would pop up after you did them, yet I still only have the one speed trap from the start.

Btw do you get to fly a plane? It's listed as Racing & flying in the store!
(Oh I guess that's the category MS puts it under, only one flying game, had to go somewhere lol)