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mjk45 said:
d21lewis said:

Nah. It's not rare. It's just only available overseas and it's cooler than anything we have in stores over here.

I like your appreciation for what your parents had to go through to make you happy on Christmas. Actually makes me wanna call my mom and tell her thank you.

And now I have the sudden urge to find a Mipha action figure...

Excuse my ignorance what's a Mipha action figure my expertise is limited to a few batman action figures and yes if were lucky  that 12 year old still lives inside us. and if you do ring your mum tell here a friend of yours living in Tasmania wishes her and the family a Merry Christmas.

Action figure of the character in... YOUR PROFILE PIC. 

I googled it. Sadly, it doesn't exist. The closest I could find was a Nintendo Amiibo.

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