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shikamaru317 said:
SKMBlake said:

I don't know, many of my female friends say they have been with big guys at some point

Well, there was also a study done on that at some point, I remember reading about it. Basically what they found is that women have a harder time determining penis size than men do. They know what they like size wise, but they are bad at determining the exact measurements just from looking at a penis. There hasn't been nearly as much research done on female penis size preferences as has been done on male penis size, but there have been a few studies. One study found that the majority of women don't care that much about size and think that men place too much emphasis on size, the same study as I recall said that women care more about girth than length, meaning that a somewhat short, fat penis is preferable to a longer, thinner penis. There was another study done where they 3D printed like 30 different penis like dildos with various sizes and asked a group of sexually active women to pick out their ideal size for a one night stand and their ideal size for a long term relationship. The average size of the penis they picked for casual sex was 6.4 inches long by 5 inches girth, while the average size of the long term relationship penis they picked was slightly smaller at 6.3 inches long by 4.8 inches girth.

I see. But usually when you reach your 30s you're already at a point where you did stop caring about that for a long time

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