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Step one complete. I moved FS2020 packages folder (164 GB) to my hdd. Surprise, no noticeable difference in startup time. I guess the main delay is CPU and downloading / checking with the server. Also launching a flight is still about a minute, no noticeable change.

Now trying to figure out how to move FH5. However when I started the XBox app it started downloading a 16GB update for FH5. I guess I'll wait for that to finish first. [Move] button is greyed out atm in Apps, probably because it started updating.

It took a while to copy 164GB as everything had to go through MSMpEng.exe. I should have excluded that path first from windows defender. At least all files have been checked for viruses again!

Already done have a dozen sport mode races in GT Sport while swapping two folders on my laptop lol.

Move complete. Much faster loading now, worth the trouble. Also much less pop up / terrain morphing and more traffic on the road. I guess I had streaming issues from HDD. Do not install this game to HDD!

Last edited by SvennoJ - on 03 December 2021