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kirby007 said:
SvennoJ said:

Maybe it's the part of the map, I did see a bit more traffic on the way to the Colossus race. Still very empty, less than 10 NPC cars on a 5 minute drive.

The Colossus race was a decent 16 minutes (still shorter than 2 laps on the Nurburgring). Nice to race around the map, yet the AI is rather weird. It wanted me to up the challenge a notch since I was winning easily, fine no problem. Yet while I was still easily faster through corners, on the straights they accelerate faster and have much higher top speed. They just zoom by and disappear ahead, slipstream not working (or not part of the arcade version) From easily winning to finishing 7th while driving a near flawless race staying on the road at top speed. The competition simply disappeared ahead in small groups, reverse rubber banding.

Time for a different car I guess. I was still using the Corvette Stingray it gave me at the start. I auto upgraded it to S1 [993] yet top speed is far far behind the competition which also accelerates 3x faster. I guess you're supposed to use one of the cars it recommends for the event as it doesn't seem to scale to what you use. Anyway great to have a longer race, was getting tired of the 2:30 victories, then 1 minute loading the next one. Now to unlock the other long ones!

1 minute loads i feel you ( didn't you have quite a beastly laptob?), did you tune the gears by the way, I personally dipped away from the corvette early but see what long lower gears do for you

With FS2020 at over 180 GB, there is not enough room left on my SSD to fit the 108 GB of FH5 next to FS2020, hence I'm playing it from a 7200 rpm mechanical drive :( If the directory was unlocked I could symbolic link the important files to my SSD or put on a ram disk. Maybe that's still possible. I'm monitoring FH5 in the performance monitor and it reads tons and tons of small files, very bad for HDD with the seek times.

I'm gonna move FS2020 to the HDD, that hardly accesses the drive while flying since it streams from the cloud and you're typically up in the air for hours. FH5 accesses the drive constantly. Just got to figure out how to do the swap without stuff breaking.

I switched to the McLaren, faster :) But I'll pick one of the recommended cars for races, better balance than racing an S2 car through a small town! I'm playing at a locked 72 fps, no tearing, no judder, lovely. I could go for 144 but that would mean lowering detail. 72 is prefect for me.