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d21lewis said:

I'll focus my energy on getting a PS5 in 2022 but it's crazy how little buzz both 9th gen systems have had this year. They sell well but there have been days where the entire front page on Vgchartz have no mention of them. I'm still excited, though. There are some cross gen games that I want to see at full glory and I'm dying to finally get my hands on Astro!

I tend to disagree there has been plenty of front page 9th gen news, what you may have noticed is less consistency due to the general disruption that's occurred in the industry since covid hit so what you see is the peaks and troughs of a normal year being magnified, usually late February- May sees an influx of new season games then things quieten down during the Northern hemisphere summer apart from the sugar hit from E3 then Sept things pick up again along with the holiday period but more and more that post Christmas period seems to be growing as a preferred release for big titles especially for Sony's first party and the end of the year while still having big releases many are annual and while they sell the buzz isn't quite there like it once was when the last quarter was king of major releases that we may have waited four or more years for and this year with even more games than usual being pushed into 2022 that has lessened the day to day build up.

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