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Sigh oh my goodness... where to start.

Since i got 8 PS5 games. They are FFVIIR, DMC5 Special Edition, RE: Village, Judgment, Lost Judgment, Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers and Spider-Man Miles Morales, i have to say they're technically upgraded from PS4 version ready on the discs. It's essential great deal for people who don't have high speed download rate yet. Straight forward to the next gen and you're good to go.

I was super lucky i bought them for below MSRP. If they weren't cheap, i would've bought the PS4 version instead, i'm good with playing 30fps anyway since i recently owned Yakuza Like A Dragon PS4 version surely my internet speed is fast enough to download a PS5 version, well i dunno, maybe depends on my mood.

I'm not big fan of their first party games honestly, although i enjoyed playing third party games on my PS5 with low fan noise.