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Conina said:
victor83fernandes said:

I cant complain, I know why they prefer not to have folders, to keep piracy at bay, and I'm all for it, as long as the console doesn't have piracy, developers will keep bringing great games.

What they could do instead of folders is having like the xbox, menu items you can choose, a games menu where you could organize by name, or by installed, they kinda have that but you still get apps mixed in there and games you already uninstalled or don't own anymore. Its a mess compared to xbox. So instead of folders, just make a menu like the xbox.

The "folders" on PS3, PS4 and PS Vita (or Xbox or iOS or Android or Steam...) don't change the internal file structure either. They are just virtual groups shown with a folder icon.

You tag the game with one or several attributes of your choice (f.e. "JRPG", "Favorites", "PSVR", "Exclusives", "Indie", "AAA", "PS+", "To Do", "Demos", "Physical", "Digital", "Horror") and games with the same attributes are shown in the same group. Ideally a game can be added to several groups this way (like on Steam or Xbox).

Sony could offer dynamic groups/filters which are automatically filled

- by PS Store data: release year, genre, theme, developer, publisher, single or multiplayer, PSVR or TV game, PS4 or PS5 game, Pro + PS5 enhancements for PS4 games, age filters, PS-exclusivity, "4K", "60 fps"...

- by the data of your licenses: physical (no digital license, disc has to be inserted), digital (unlimited license) or subscription (limited license), free to play, demo version...

- by the data of your trophies and play time: "new" (not played, 0% trophies), "your favorites" (games with 100+ hours playtime), "so close!" (90%+ of the trophies), "platinumed" (100% of the trophies)...

hinch said:
victor83fernandes said:

Safe? How so? Returnal and Demon souls are the most next gen games on it and they are far from safe, they are hardcore games, niche games.

I don't see what's something truly next gen, apart from better graphics, 60fps, super fast loadings, ray tracing, what's a next gen game? 

If you count 1st party titles released this year about a third of them are remakes or remasters. As for actual tech and games.. Returnal looks fine, nothing mind blowing or something that couldn't that really couldn't be done on PS4 given that concessions will be made if - like GI RT and effects. Demons Souls the same. While impressive, its still a redo of an old PS3 title. Then you have Ratchet (which was great), GoT and DS Directors cut are decent games but not really pushing the boat out. They were banking on Horizon coming this Holiday but with 'you know what' its understandable.

By 'next gen' I mean stuff that really couldn't be done on last generation consoles at least without major concessions to visual effects and to some extent gameplay. Like lets say when we had the PS4 launch we had that with Killzone SF and Infamous SS. I mean.. don't get me wrong its a been a good year for games (and I would put it there with the best PS launch ever), but personally it didn't quite do it for me this year as least i terms of new and exciting exclusives.

You must be in need of glasses, I have a powerful PC and I can say Returnal, demon souls, ratchet, even other games look like a big jump from base ps4. Even matching or surpassing anything I've seen on my PC that cost me 1700 dollars and that I had to build it myself.

Killzone SF and infamous could be done on ps3 with worse graphics, there was nothing next gen to it besides graphics, same on the ps5, graphics but this time is even more difference because of the ultra fast loadings and much faster FPS. Remember uncharted 3? Last of us? Those were nice graphics on ps3, the ps4 launch games were really not that impressive.

Not to mention the amount of excellent games this year such as resident evil 8, assassins creed Valhalla, far cry 6, scarlet nexus and many more, its been a great year for gaming and for the ps5.

This generation is even better than the ps4 launch because not only we get backwards compatibility with many games having upgrades, we also get remasters of better games such as spiderman, ghosts of tsushima, death stranding, etc.

Go back and check what we had with the first year of ps4. Killzone was disappointing, infamous, while great was not as good as the previous ones in the series, driveclub was ok, but not GT or forza, it was just an ok arcade game, there's nothing I can remember from the first year of ps4, it was very poor indeed compared to the ps5.

Then we get a major improved controller, bigger jump than ps3 to ps4. Then we get a quiet fan, I remember getting the ps4 and the fan was louder than ps3, so in some ways it was a downgrade, also ps3 had better materials, better build quality, and the controller battery was better than the ps4.

Not this time, this time I feel the upgrade, SSD, better build quality both console and controller, better vibration tech, adaptive triggers, better battery on controller, backwards compatibility and better games overall.

Last edited by victor83fernandes - on 02 December 2021