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Guru3D has started it's December contests, and here's the first one:


Guru3D 2021 December 1st: Win a be quiet! Silent Loop 2 280mm LCS cooler:

Also, WccfTech is doing a giveaway:

KartRider: Drift Closed Beta #3 Giveaway – Steam Codes for Everyone!
Here's a video of the game:

Here's the beta schedule, by the way:

  • PST (UTC -8): 4:00 PM Wednesday, December 8 - 5:00 AM Wednesday, December 15
  • CET (UTC +1): 1:00 AM Thursday, December 9 - 2:00 PM Wednesday, December 15
  • AEDT (UTC +11): 11:00 AM Thursday, December 9 - 12:00 AM Thursday, December 16

Please excuse my bad English.

Currently gaming on a PC with an i5-4670k@stock (for now), 16Gb RAM 1600 MHz and a GTX 1070

Steam / Live / NNID : jonxiquet    Add me if you want, but I'm a single player gamer.