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hinch said:

Its been okay. Outside Ratchet, Astro, Miles Morales and some up ports/remasters FFVII Intergrade, GoW, Death Stranding DC, Control UE etc I haven't really played on it. Mainly been gaming on PC this year though the games for PS5 have been solid, if a little safe. Hardware wise, its a great machine as is the brilliant DualSense.

My peeves with though the slow trickling of features is a bit annoying like NVMe support and still no VRR. But yeah satisfied, but waiting on the big hitters and something truly 'next gen'. I'd give 8/10 for hardware and games 6/10. 7 overall. Maybe I'm being a bit unfair but coming off the excellent last few years of PS4 I think the lack of big releases from Sony 1st party done it for me, especially with Forbidden West delay. Next year is going to be nuts though.

New features have been something slowly introduced through the gen for PS4 as well so I don't think we can expect any different now, although for me they don't matter much.

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