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PAOerfulone said:

Week 46 Breakdown:

PlayStation 4: Down in all regions

PlayStation 5: Up in the United States and Europe; Down in Japan and the Rest of the World; Up overall.

Xbox One: Down in all regions.

Xbox Series: Up in Europe, Japan, and the Rest of the World; Down in the United States; Up overall.

Nintendo Switch: Up in all regions.


It's the last stop before the train arrives to take us on the Holiday Season thrill ride from Black Friday to Christmas and we have a number of key events and milestones.

The Xbox Series has officially passed 6 million units sold worldwide on the year. A feat the Xbox One didn't accomplish until the 1st week of December, POST Black Friday. The Xbox Series managed to do it PRE Black Friday, despite severe shortages for the X model. Yet another testament to how for Microsoft has come since the pre-launch Xbox One dark days and how great they've done to right the ship. Hell, depending on shipments, they may even manage to top the PS5 in Japan for one week. This generation, while still favoring Sony, looks to be much closer than last gen.

The Switch saw the biggest boost of the 3, which shouldn't come as a shocker, Pokemon Gen 4 remakes will do that. BD/SP provided a big enough boost to where the Switch was able to outsell the PS5 and Xbox Series combined, and take over 100k off the deficit from last year.

All 3 systems are doing incredibly well and this is shaping up to be a Black Friday for the record books, in spite of the shortages... Just imagine what all 3 would be capable of if they weren't an issue. (Sigh) Oh well.

Here is one other thing to consider.  X|S is doing a lot better than XB1 and it still has supply in the US.  PS5 is definitely supply constrained everywhere, including the US.  Right now the total in the US is about 3.3m (PS5) vs. about 2.7m (X|S).  It's going to be close, but there is a decent chance that X|S finishes ahead of PS5 in the US at the end of the year. 

X|S is already looking to be significantly more competitive than XB1 and the US is XBox's best territory.

Last edited by The_Liquid_Laser - on 30 November 2021