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Yes, more have shown up now. It's still hard to find the races. I accidentally entered an online tournament and cancelled again, then some user created race (was crap). Just the pure blue race icons I'm looking for. The problem with the map filter is there's no way (that I know) to just see the new events for selected categories. Select NEW and everything NEW shows up. Only select races and the old ones stay on the map. I did already turned all the other stuff off, Forza link, Anna, all notifications etc. It's a lot of work to just do some offline racing!

FH5 certainly has tons to do. I configured it to what I want out of it turning this all off: Head to head requests, Anna, Converible HUD, Forza Link, Names over cars, Ghosts, Skills, Notifications, Online Even Notifications, Horizon Arcade Notifications, Convoy Invite Notifications, Accolade Notifications, Horizon Promo Icon, Lens Effects, Radio Volume, GPS Volume, GPS Voice, Radio DJ, Horns, Microphone, Motion Blur, Accolades, Festival sites, Seasonal Events, Seasonal PR Stunts, Seasonal Collectibles, Showcases & Expeditions, Speed traps, Speed Zones, Danger Signs, Drift Zones, Trailblazers, Bonus Boards, Barn Finds, Stories, Landmarks, Houses, Eventlab Events, Multiplayer Events, Online Friends, All Online Players.

I changed the steering linearity (too sensitive at speed), deadzones (default too big) and fov to get a better experience. I race in bumper cam and the default FOV turns all the cars into stretch limos when overtaking, FOV 50 works better. The cars are still stretched yet any lower makes it look zoomed in. I still need to tweak the settings better, push the stick a little and the car veers off the road. Deadzone 0, Steering linearity 30 is working better.

Last edited by SvennoJ - on 01 December 2021