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Its been okay. Outside Ratchet, Astro, Miles Morales and some up ports/remasters FFVII Intergrade, GoW, Death Stranding DC, Control UE etc I haven't really played on it. Mainly been gaming on PC this year though the games for PS5 have been solid, if a little safe. Hardware wise, its a great machine as is the brilliant DualSense.

My peeves with though the slow trickling of features is a bit annoying like NVMe support and still no VRR. But yeah satisfied, but waiting on the big hitters and something truly 'next gen'. I'd give 8/10 for hardware and games 6/10. 7 overall. Maybe I'm being a bit unfair but coming off the excellent last few years of PS4 I think the lack of big releases from Sony 1st party done it for me, especially with Forbidden West delay. Next year is going to be nuts though.