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scrapking said:
DonFerrari said:

I can't agree that it should be looked as the first bundle that adds value without increasing price, because well as you said yourself it is a free game not everyone play and there also other ways that gives that currency for free. And as I also said, but if customer bases sees as added value and buy because of it no problem.

Most ways to get it "for free" require subscribing to some kind of service, so not really free.  And even at that they're buying more still.  Buying a corresponding amount of virtual currency would cost about $20 USD.  The fact that the game is free doesn't matter.  The fact that you can occasionally get small amounts of digital currency in other ways doesn't mean they wouldn't also need even more, and therefore would place a value on getting it with the console.  If Sony were including it with one of the PS5 SKUs, and not the other, I'd consider that a legit bundle.  It doesn't matter whether the virtual currency is for a free game or a paid game.  It doesn't matter if there are other ways to get it (including purchasing it).  It only matters that most people get it by buying it, and that therefor some console purchasers would attach a value to it.  There are always going to be bundles that some value and others don't.  If you're a Fortnite player who regularly buys V-bucks, and you're looking to get a new console, then this would undeniably increase your perception of the value getting a Series S.  Hence it's a value add.  Same as if it was a bundle that included a game that you don't want, or could get as part of some other subscription as well, it doesn't change the fact that some people will want that game, or won't have a subscription that gets them that game some other way.

I didn't deny your logic because I understand where you are coming from.

I denied calling it a value bundle because well for me MTX as a whole isn't even something that should exist, and you aren't getting a product in the bundle just some "useless" currency.

But again, I said that for the market or customers it can be seem as value added bundle, but that it wouldn't apply to me. Anyway the premise of Series S likely being the first to have free games included is one I do agree since it is the only one that have been more readily available in stores.

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