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victor83fernandes said:
SKMBlake said:

I would say meh so far. I got only 1 true PS5 game so far, which is Miles Morales, and I mostly played Hitman 2 (after discovering the series with Hitman 3 on the Switch) and Psychonauts 1 (not 2) and God Of War 2018 so far on it. So basically a glorified PS4 Pro.

Miles Morales is not a true ps5 game, first of all its a glorified DLC, second, it barely looks any better than Spiderman on ps4.

True PS5 games are Returnal, Demon souls, Ratchet

Well a glorified DLC which is an open world running at 60fps with ray tracing, you can call it whatever you want. When I said "true" I meant "an actual PS5 version"

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