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Half Life 3. Valve really needs to finish the story it created. HL2 is one of the most beloved games on PC and its sad we never got a sequel or conclusion. New engine and game and comes with a new Counter Strike Multiplayer as well as its own dedicated MP.

Max Payne - (Title). Remedy given the rights back from Rockstar and follows the story from the second game. Semi-reboot akin to GoW.

Mass Effect 4. Straight into development right on the tail of 3. Original developers and all. Bigger and better with explorable worlds as with first game

Granted we know nothing about the fourth game other than the teaser last year. I feel Bioware really scuffed up with Andromeda and the move to make Anthem instead of a new ME was disastrous for them. I'm still excited for it, If only the game was released before and had all the original devs on it.

Last edited by hinch - on 29 November 2021