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Captain_Yuri said:

Bought 3 games. Spiderman Miles, FFVIIR dlc and Ratchet and Clank.

The games were great but man, I barely turned on the thing mainly cause I play on PC but I was expecting this on year one. The disc drive is also pretty noisy. I still don't really like the look of it but it is certainly a conversation starter compared to my Series X which no one notices. Some of the early bugs were a bit concerning but they got fixed with patches. I will probably use it a lot more next year though. It's annoying that we still don't have VRR support. I also hate the new prices of games.

The PSN store is much more improved than the experience I got on the PS4. The Dual Sense controller is amazing and on games that are properly implemented, it gives you insane level of immersion. The loading is also very fast which is a god send compared to last gen. I also like the fact that many old games that were struggling to hit unlocked frame rates last gen can run a pretty stable 60fps if not more. I was originally thinking that the SSD space was gonna be problematic but thanks to the compression engines, the space that a lot of the games require is a lot less than I was expecting.

Overall I'll rate it a 6/10 for first year. I was hoping there would be more exclusives that shows off the next gen experience but delays made the experience a bit more meh. It is off to a good start though and I do like the BC enhancements. As usual, first year is generally a slow start.

Why is everyone on about disc drive noise? It makes noise while you install the game, after that, you will barely hear it, the console is nowhere near as loud as any ps before it.

A shame you didnt buy the 2 best ps5 games, returnal and demon souls.

I agree with the looks, xbox looks better, but both need to be on vertical, both look horrible on horizontal.

you rate it 6/10? what was the ps4 on the first year? A 3/10? 

The ps5 had a much better first year than most consoles I can remember.

And it was a bigger jump too, the 60fps, the super fast loadings, the much higher resolutions, along with the graphics, the much quieter console, the controller. I feel a bigger jump from ps4 to ps5 than when I had ps3 and got the ps4, because back then, graphics and resolution were better but that was it, controller was basically the same, fps was basically the same and loadings was basically the same.

I still prefer the xbox series X hardware, and I would prefer it along with the elite 2 controller (best controller in the world), but I already have a PC so xbox would have been redundant. I'm glad I got ps5 as many games are not on PC, such as demon souls, ratchet, spiderman, last of us 2, returnal, GT7, Ghost of tshushima, etc.