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JuliusHackebeil said:

The only negative thing is the noise, that is a bit of a bummer. I suspect it to be broken, since hardly anybody conplains. Don't know if it is the disc drive or the fan, but something is wrong. I will return it in time (got it in July) and have it fixed.

The Games:
Astro was pure joy. And the controller integration is unparalleled.
Ratchet was really good. It felt truly next gen at times with how fast and high fidelity everything was. Bit more of the same. But that is okay since their is not really a ton of these games coming out every year.
Ghost of Tsushima was very beautiful and mechanicaly sound. But too easy at times and a bit too checklisty. Lost steam on Iki bjt ventured through everything else which really bodes well for the game. The story was so so. Cool moments but not enough connective tissue. Did not care for many of the characters. And sone things were too obvious.
Death Stranding: the menus are a nightmare. Why is everything in this game so complicated. I just want to see what cargo is available, where it needs to go and how heavy it is. But it looks like an excel spreadsheet designed by Jackson Pollock. It is engaging and original, but not yet sure if this is enough to overcome the cumbersome design of it all.

Will play: dreams, it takes two, Kena, Miles Morales, FFVII Intergrade, Returnal.

I specifically did not play Tsushima and Death Stranding (and FF7) on my base PS4 so that I can fully appreciate them on PS5. Works out so far.

The short load times are nice to have but I did not mind them so much on PS4 which I bought early 2014. So it was time for an upgrade anyways.
No game really got me to freak out over its beauty. But diminishing returns are a b*tch and a half. I hope for something fascinatingly new in 2022 or 2023, but I'm easy to satisfy in next gen - just give me the next arrey of new, original, good looking games. I think the PS5 delivered on this front. Cool machine, very good controller, many games to play. And many more to come: God of War and Final Fantasy 16 are in my dreams.

I think it was also a good first year in comparison to PS4 that had Knack, Little Big Planet 3, Killzone Shadowfall, Infamous Second Son, Driveclub... and I think that is it. Not bad but Spider Man and Ratchet are better + all the other stuff.

This is going to be an interesting generation with XBox finaly ending its problem with exclusives. I might even consider buying an S for game pass somewhen 2024 to play everything I missed.

About Death Stranding, check out this delivery. Took me 10 minutes in real time lol (at 14:36)

It takes some getting used to, but after a while it becomes second nature

Last edited by SvennoJ - on 28 November 2021