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Very happy indeed, loadings are a thing of the past, games like demon souls, Sackboy, Returnal and Ratchet and clank are some of the best of my 30 year gaming, on top of that they look stunning rivalling anything I've ever seen on my top gaming PC, 60 fps is a game changer, I was already used to it from PC, so playing on consoles at 30fps was painful. 

I only got the ps5 in June, so for me it was amazing to have already so many games available day 1.

Other amazing games with incredible performance and graphics that I absolutely loved, assassins creed Valhalla, Scarlet Nexus, Spiderman remaster/miles Morales, ghosts of tsushima, death stranding, god of war, horizon zero dawn, days gone, yakuza like a dragon, resident evil 8, Last of us 2, final fantasy 7 remake integrade, far cry 6, Hades (had it on switch but the ps5 version looks and plays much better), It takes two, Kena, Skyrim ps5 upgrade, Cyberpunk (played it on PC but I'm sure its good as well on ps5), and then there's deathloop which I haven't played but I think I will like it.

I also have GT7 on preorder, the first game ever that I preorder without checking any reviews, just for the fact it will have a proper campaign.

The best thing of all was that the fan is now inaudible, only game I ever heard the fan was Ratchet and even then was nowhere near as loud as the ps4, for that feature alone, it was worth the upgrade.

The controller is also a major improvement and even tough I do not like the haptics too much, I'm in love with the adaptive triggers, total game changer and something even my 1700dollars PC cant do. Also the materials are much better on the controller, I have yet to hear any creaks, unlike the ps4 controller which was annoyingly poor quality, poor plastic. PS5 controller is better quality than both ps4 and xbox, strong build, sturdy. Even tough I still prefer the xbox asymmetrical thumbsticks, but I bought Kontrol Freaks and it helped a lot.

The biggest advantage this generation over the last one is definitely the backwards compatibility, the ps4 has hundreds of good games, and the fact I can play them on the new console is a bonus.

All in all I think this is one of the best consoles I ever bought in the first year, way better than the wiiU which I had almost nothing to play, better than the switch which there was only like 3 or 4 games worth playing in the first year. Also better than the ps4 because of backwards compatibility I had way more to play.

Last edited by victor83fernandes - on 28 November 2021