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#32 was guessed. #31 isn't yet, and I'll give another hint for it. I won't for #30 yet, but I'll give a first hint for #29.

#31: This games comes with what is maybe the most accessible map editor ever shipped alongside a game, where you can simply put down track elements such as tabletops, whoops and low high and high jumps as simple tiles.

Hint 2: Especially interesting, I always thought it was pretty hypnotising at least, was how you had to "verify" your newly built track before you could save it. The computer would then visibly trace your tiles and pieces first with black outlines from start to finish, and then remove all the tiles one after one temporarily in the backwards order.

Hint 3: You could however only create something for the ‘Supercross’ mode, not the ‘National’, ‘Baya’ or ‘Stunt Quarry’ modes. Which was too bad because ‘National’ was awesome.

Hint 4: In the National mode you ride your dirt bike outdoors, over huge jumps and really banked corners. Also fun is the Stunt Quarry, but really just for one thing; when you up the cliff surrounding the map, you'll get slingshotted across the map to keep you from going out of bounds, accompanied by the sound of a gunshot. Guessed by coolbeans - Motocross Madness

#30: The battle between these two belligerents continues this time also over sea and air.

#29: First there was an evil sword that changes appearance depending on its wielder, but in this game, there's a spirit sword made to combat it. Guessed by GoOnKid - SoulCalibur

Last edited by S.Peelman - on 29 November 2021