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Guessed by Farsala

Usually when people think about SEGA, they think about Sonic the Hedgehog. Or maybe Yakuza, or maybe even something like Ecco the Dolphin. The Total War franchise usually isn't something people think about. And that's a shame. I get it, this series isn't made in-house like the others and isn't on consoles, but is instead made by a British developer for PC. I'd say though, this is easily SEGA's best series. The series has quite a number of games already, and I've put multiple in my list over the years.

This year I felt it was 'Medieval II's' turn. This is actually one of the better ones, maybe even objectively the best, but I never really thought to put it on the list over others for inexplicable reasons. Maybe it's because it took a while before I could appreciate the period. As a kid, I liked knights and castles, because what kid doesn't, here in Europe anyway, we have a castle on every street corner, but the political side of that era is hard to get into. And there's so much to it, because there's a billion countries and royal families here as well. Especially back in timeframe the game is set in. On the contrary 'Rome' is easy to love, a singular all-powerful nation conquering everything in its path. So is the era of 'Empire', because it's partly about my own country's history. This game however, is a great intro to an era that's actually extremely interesting.