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Kakadu18 said:
Farsala said:

2nd chapter of my Gravy making Saga.

It was my birthday and I was craving something from home, so I tried again. This time I had chicken thighs for the gravy. The gravy was good, but just a little bit more and it becomes great. Unfortunately, I boiled 1 potato, but it was such a beastly size that it didn't cook through even after an hour of boiling. So the Mashed Potatoes were a fail.

You need to cut the potato into smaller pieces. Then it'll go faster.

For sure. I don't want it to go too fast though.

Metallox said:
dx11332sega said:

When you cross the states try going to outdoor outlets , some outdoor outlets that have official nike or official addidas stores sell the shoes 50% off or more vs facebook , craiglist and local malls , I help 

I'll be honest, I always buy most of my clothing in places like Walmart, Target and the like 😂 But I'll check those, but in my experience, finding 20-30 dollar stuff of my size in those places is like finding needles in the haystack. 

Speaking of crossing the border and needles, the border was finally opened for us Mexicans in November 8, but we have to present our vaccination certificate, and I don't have that, I chickened out when the J&J vaccine came a few months ago because I don't stand needles, I kind of die every time one pinches me. It was an incredibly irresponsible decision, but I guess I'm paying for it now. 

So now I have to wait until December 1st for my second dose of AZ, and then, with some luck, finally receive the certificate two weeks after that. Relatives and friends have told me that in the majority of times CBP officers are not requesting the certificate, but still, that's how the obligation goes.

Better than living in Japan and not finding your size at all. I bought freaking Goodyear shoes that are trash, but the only thing they sold around here.

For my birthday/ Christmas, I had my father send me my size 13 shoes, which probably cost them $140 in total.