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Guessed by Mnementh

This old game started a lot of things. The first-person shooter genre most obviously. But also in me personally. Even though this game is in no way representative of actual history, that would've been something, it sparked a deep interest in history in me. In World War II, because that's the period this game is set in, further fuelled when I found out my hometown's involvement, but also in other periods. This interest grew in pretty much all areas, and there's days when I just read Wikipedia article after Wikipedia article about all kinds of things.

'Wolfenstein 3D', was however not really a game a young kid should be playing. There's swastikas everywhere, pictures of Adolf Hitler, the infamous greeting, killer German Sheppards and of course all around graphic violence. So at first my parents weren't going to let me play this game. However I was adamant. And at some point, they thought, what bad could a fake pixelated depiction of something do? I'm glad they thought that.