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TSMC “Apple-first” 3nm policy leads to AMD and Qualcomm mutiny

This does open up spots for Intel and Nvidia even if they might be much more supply constrained than going with Samsung. It will be interesting to see AMD being at a node disadvantage for once assuming Samsungs 3nm is indeed worse than TSMCs. Of course, while Intel is rumoured to go with TSMC, we haven't heard anything from Nvidia just yet.

AMD allegedly increases Radeon RX 6000 GPU pricing for board partners by 10% -

AMD Ryzen 5000 ‘Vermeer’ & Ryzen 5000G ‘Cezanne’ Desktop CPUs ‘Holiday Season’ Sale Gets You Up To $150 US Savings, 5800X For $300 & 5600G For $200

Competition and no shortages is indeed amazing. Maybe one day, GPU can get back to it..

This is NOT going Well… Linux Gaming Challenge Pt.2

Really only Valve can save Linux gaming on desktop these days


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