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Machiavellian said:

So as an add on, we see the situation now where armed people out protecting the protestors. This is going right along the lines I am talking about. Everything gets escalated as these type of events occurs and we will see where everyone will be out armed and one idiot, one fool, one trigger happy individual no matter what side they are on will ignite that fire and there will be a blood bath. Because there is no real law on engagement, the fastest and coldest killer comes out on top. If you survive, you get to tell your side of the story and if you are dead well, you hope there is some video because everything goes from zero to 100 in the US, we will be looking at the movie "Escape from New York" like it was a documentary.

You hit the nail right on the head.  I think a lot of people share these concerns (or at least the people I typically interact with).  That's why I am so frustrated by the notion that the Rittenhouse verdict made people feel safer.  We (society) are setting ourselves up for an inevitable fire fight between civilians.  Add in some law enforcement into that recipe, and it might be more of a prelude to a massacre.