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hinch said:

@JEMC Assuming you want a new build you could always go for a budget ADL upgrade (with an entry level B660 board) and reuse your existing DDR4 memory. The 12400 is looking like a beast for under $200 (performs around a 5600x) or spend a bit more for the 12600KF. Could use that until Raptor Lake and sell it and get the next CPU in the 13XXX series.

Thanks for the suggestion but, pleaso don't take it wrong, there are several reasons why I'm not going to follow it.

For starters, I prefer to build my own PCs and be able to better tailor it to my needs or preferences. Also, I'm quite happy with my current case, a Fractal Design R5, and I'll keep it.

I'm also decided, maybe even obsessed, in getting an 8-core CPU. I believe that a processor with fewer cores could become a problem later on and shorten the shelf life of it, specially for games. And I'm not saying that because a CPU with less cores is less powerful but because, for games, sometimes the number or cores/threads is equally important if not more... and we know that devs don't always pay attention to optimization.

Finally, I can't go with a stop-gap solution because, believe it or not, my system still runs on DDR3 . That makes the upgrade a bit more expensive so yeah, it's better to go all for it.

Please excuse my bad English.

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