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JEMC said:
Captain_Yuri said:

JPR: AMD and Intel GPU shipment decreased by 11% and 26% respectively from last quarter, NVIDIA increased by 8%

It's interesting how last year, we were a bit annoyed that Nvidia went with Samsung instead of going with TSMC. In retrospec however, it was absolutely the correct move. 83% in dGPU market share is insane vs AMD's 17%! But the problem with Lovelace/RDNA 3 is the fact that they are both on the same node so if the mining continues... Well... Good Luck getting one!

It's also interesting how much market share Intel lost, because all those were from low CPU sales. We'll have to wait and see if Alder Lake changes that trent.

Tbh I get the feeling Alder Lake S won't make much of a difference overall. One of the big reasons to upgrade your system is to get a new GPU as you don't want a CPU bottleneck holding you back. This is why the 5000 series had such perfect timing when it launched with Ampere and RDNA 2. You got class leading performance in every area in terms of CPUs and many people were upgrading in anticipation of getting those new GPUs. The GPU shortage while severe, people still had hope.

But now it feels like there really isn't a reason for many to upgrade. Those that wanted to upgrade to a new CPU probably would have done it already and then you combine the motherboard prices of Z690, the marginal increase in performance compared to Ryzen 5000 and the very expensive prices of DDR5 while also being extremely hard to find, it's kinda becoming a meh launch overall. Especially as we do have Zen 4 and Raptor Lake on the horizon which should have a significant performance advantage and Lovelace/RDNA 3 will be launching next year as well to drive more incentive.


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