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scrapking said:
scrapking said:

[...] Of the four variants of current-gen consoles, all indications are that the Series S will be the first to become generally in-stock/available.  The Series S isn't currently generally available in stock everywhere in North America, and may not remain so elsewhere as we get closer to the holidays, but it's nonetheless on the earliest trajectory to being so.  Which likely means the earliest price cut, or value add (such as a bundle) will likely come to Series S. [...]

Well, that's one prediction that came true in a hurry, since I only made it a few days ago!  The first current-gen bundle (that doesn't raise the price) is out, and it is indeed a Series S bundle.  Comes with some in-game currency for both Fortnite and Rocket League.  Those games are free, but coming with in-game currency for those games adds value.  And that bundle is squarely aimed at the casuals, which makes sense since hardcore gamers would generally prefer the Series X.

Can't really agree with you since PS gives several of those things for free (currency, avatars, etc) for same or similar games and even more for PS+ members. But well perhaps the market see it like that and is happy =]

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