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hatmoza said:
Shaunodon said:

I do not understand why the Steelers refused to run the ball, especially after that last turnover with a chance to essentially shut the game out. They made no progress and took no time off the clock, leaving far too many options available for the Chargers, who then scored an easy TD on a blown coverage against a tired defense. Mind-boggling.

Really that's your takeaway? Not the fact that shitty offense put up over 30 points? First time this season I believe.

A lot of that came on the back of late turnovers/stops. They also failed to convert an opportunity from the 2yd line in the first quarter, where they again didn't trust their running game.

A team like the Steelers has to win by being more disciplined and making better decisions, yet they keep blowing these clear opportunities with nonsensical decision-making, usually asking Big Ben to do more than he's capable of at this stage behind that line.