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twintail said:

Sony doesn't need a gamepass right now because they're in such an incredibly healthy position (like MS and Nintendo) that it would be premature for them to make such drastic changes to how their operate. This doesn't mean that they shouldn't be working on having a gamepass equivalent ready, but nothing suggests that they aren't doing stuff behind closed doors.

In a way Sony's midrange plan is a Game Pass equivalent being worked on behind closed doors. Expanding and aggressively investing into SIE right now will pay dividends if they need to change their business model later in the decade. Some are expecting Sony to pivot immediately without increasing their internal pipelines, which quite frankly, lacks a ton of foresight.

I think Sony will slowly grow PSNow this generation, expanding into countries and regions its not available in, while having a comprehensive Playstation BC library which includes handheld games and PSVR titles, have PS5 titles hit the service quicker than PS4 titles, and maybe a few perks like a 10% discount on first party titles, or having demos of every first party title. 

Last edited by PotentHerbs - on 21 November 2021