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Mandalore76 said:
hatmoza said:

I missed the NE game. Battling the flu for the last few days. Which is a shame cuz that was an easy pick. NE is that good.

New England is good, yes.  But, the Falcons are more so horrifically bad, specifically on offense.

The Falcons make history again in predictably hilarious and sad fashion

"The Falcons are the first team since the 2009 Texans to have 3 players throw an interception in the same game...  The last team to have 3 QBs throw an interception in a game was the 2000 Chargers... By the time Feleipe Franks threw his interception you just sort of had to laugh at how inept the offense was, but it’s sort of crushing that even in garbage time this team could not avoid turning the ball over. Atlanta has now thrown seven interceptions in their past two games.’s astonishing that the Falcons have only put up three points the past two weeks and have gotten shut out for the first time at home since 1988. Think about how many bad Falcons teams have played since then without equaling that..."

I watched parts of the game here and then, and yeah, the Falcons are just awful.  Even when A.J. Terrell intercepted Mac Jones late in the 3rd Quarter and returned it all the way to mid field, the Falcons offense stalled at the Patriots 16 yard line while failing to convert on 3rd & 1, and 4th & 1 on predictable handoffs up the middle (in a game where they had 40 total rushing yards).  The game was only 13-0 at the time.  The Falcons defense actually only yielded 19 points to the Patriots offense (1 TD, 4 FG's), while the Falcons offense gave up a Pick-6 while turning over the ball 4 times.

this is the kinda insight stuff I love from teams I don't follow.

I appreciate this

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