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zero129 said:

Well what does? if 20 million people are subbed thats 20 million that could buy DLC etc. If we look at Gamepass as a console itself instead of just looking at hardware we can see its doing very well and 25 million is still more then 12-14 million console sales for the PS5.

It also goes back to 3rd partys they see a number like "Your game reaching 25+ million users or reaching just 13 million and maybe not even getting picked up since most of them users going to pay their 70 for the next CoD or GTA or whatever. Look past your nose Potent and you might see the future..

The amount of subscribers is Game Pass actual market share. Not some made up scenario where hundreds of millions are subscribed. Game Pass doing well is drastically different than Game Pass expanding the market to the point where Sony needs to consider a response or they get left behind. Its not like Game Pass is growing at the rate of Netflix or Disney+ either. Your example is also extremely short sighted, considering the PS5 has only been out for a year while Game Pass has been out since 2017, and you need to factor in the PS4 userbase, which is still active and buying software, MTX, DLC, etc. The majority of the industry still sees the console model as the most optimal way to make money. 

Game Pass could very well be the future but its far from a guarantee that so many here are declaring. Video games are an entirely different medium of entertainment. The time investment and interactivity needed to enjoy a video game requires a lot more commitment than movies or music. That's why one market has been capped for a few decades while the other has billions of people enjoying it daily. Game Pass is already on PC, a platform that has billions of users, but it hasn't come close to penetrating 10% of that userbase. Even the mobile market Microsoft is trying to tap into has a completely different audience than the console market. A Game Pass app on Smart TV's is Microsoft's best bet to expand the Xbox ecosystem, IMO.

Like I detailed in another post, there are more important things for a multimedia conglomerate like Sony to focus on in the mid term, before pivoting to a unproven business model in the video game industry.