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SvennoJ said:
DonFerrari said:

Gotcha. The way you wrote the previous post I understood as the local streaming. But yes I have heard good things about the XCloud, I'm thinking about testing it here in Brazil, but my internet at the moment is quite unreliable.

That's a bit of a problem with streaming. When I have time to sit down in front of the tv with a game, my internet is usually quite unreliable. Prime time, everyone is streaming tv and gaming online. I notice it with GT Sport already, connection getting bad from 7pm. Same with FS2020, Azure text to voice cutting out, data not streaming in very well anymore in the evening. Hence I rather play a single player game offline in the evening. 100 mbps internet, yet during prime time, unstable with high latency spikes. Very bad for game streaming.

Yep, here even if I'm alone at home because the provider sells much more than their infraestructure allows I get a very shabby service.

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