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No War, No Problem: Senate Prepares to Shovel Another Pile of Money at the Pentagon, $768 Billion this coming year, will be about $8+ Trillion over the next 10 years

Bernie's honest empathy towards people is well known, he cant help himself but to speak up for others, the incredible size of the Defence Bill and it's addon Corporate Handouts obscenely contrasts to the screwing down of the meagre Social Benefits in the build back better bill  

He will vote against the Defence Bill, and explain why it's important to do so  

"As a nation, we need to get our priorities right. I wanted to take a minute to tell you why I’m voting against the defence spending bill".. Bernie Sanders 

I'm sure many voters feel the same as Bernie, the Dems have a real credibility issue that will continue to cost them greatly 

Last edited by Rab - on 19 November 2021