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Torpoleon said:

@xMetroid It might even surpass Super Mario Bros. I could see BOTW's final sales exceeding 40 million. (Though by that point, MK8 DX & ACNH will be way above it and SSBU might still be above it).

BOTW shipments for the 1st half of the fiscal year are down 20% continuing that trend it'll probably ship about 3.86m this fiscal year ending up at 26.14m. So even if sales never declined again it would take until after September 2025 to reach 40m and Switch will be long gone by then.

But sales will decline as Switch's sales decline. BOTW sales are closely linked with Switch console sales which is why this is the first year that BOTW is selling less than the previous year (excluding launch obviously). As the Switch has peaked in 2020 so did BOTW's "evergreen" sales peak in 2020 and BOTW will sell progressively less each year from now.

30m is guaranteed, 35m is on the high-end but possible as long as BOTW2 doesn't negatively impact it's sales.