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Resident Evil 5 (single player): 4/10.

Freedom Planet: 4/10.

Rival Schools: 8/10.

Fight'n Rage: 9/10.

Final Fight LNS Ultimate: 10/10.

Cyber Shadow: 5/10.

River City Girls: 5/10.

Super Double Dragon: 2/10.

Top Gear: 5/10.

Super Mario RPG: 7/10.

Top Gear 2: 5/10.

Resident Evil 6: 1/10.

Ori and the Blind Forest: 4/10.

Resident Evil Revelations: 8/10.

Super Monaco GP (Master System): 4/10.

Phalanx (GBA): -/10.

Advanced Variable Geo 2: 8/10.

AD&D Shadow Over Mystara (1CC): 10/10.

Fable II: 4/10.

Maximo vs. Army of Zin: 6/10.

Kirby Super Star (Spring Breeze): -/10.

Street Fighter II Special Champion Edition (Mega Drive): 8/10.

Super Monaco GP (Mega Drive): 7/10.

Ar Tonelico: 5/10.

Kirby's Adventure: 6/10. Kirby goes down ledges by tapping down so he can't crouch on them. Said command can't be mapped to down + jump because down + jump is the slide, which can't be moved to down + attack because apparently it's extremely important that down + attack does nothing. Double tapping to run in a platformer kinda sucks. Lives are reset after turning the game off, so earning extra lives isn't very exciting. Minor framerate issues.